by Madeira

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released February 7, 2015

Vocals / Guitar: Rachel Quelch
Guitar / Bass: Jean-Louis Wittinger
Drums: William Hill

Logo: Jordan Dorge
Album Art: Melissa Coates
Engineering: Jean-Louis Wittinger and Kris Buhrer
All music written and recorded by Madeira 2014.



all rights reserved


Madeira Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: Artist Skin

Pardon me but, I feel used up, in this mess that we are moving in
Seasons change, and hearts grow strange, and you have changed But I...
Remain the same

Oil paint under olive skin
Filthy flesh, a twisted mind you're in
Come down from your pedestal girl
You've become so damn cold

Stupid girl starved for attention
You sleep with strange for affection
Paint your angst out on the page
A true reflection of your hearts true rage
Though what you create looks beautiful
It took to slave your soul

Spent all of daddies money, On box wine and cigarettes
Went off to somewhere sunny, didn't earn it, not a god damn cent

Pardon me but, I feel used up, in this mess we are moving in
Seasons change, and hearts grow strange, and you have changed But I,,,
Remain the same
Track Name: Dark Shadows

Dark shadows
Move through the garden
Running through
Gnarled branches, fevered ardent
Twisted limbs, like roots beneath a tree
Familiar warmth, lay here with me

La la la la

Take me, not her, Lucifer
Take me, not her, Lucifer

Growing darkness
How do you taste?
Lay on my tongue
With stars and lace
Long dark vines weave through my lips
Binding truth from the tongue that slips

I am breaking down again
Track Name: Sugar

All the pretty little things that I will never see
Once my body is laid in the ground, by that willow tree
Over your tongue, and through your breath
You look and say to me
You're my angel your my darling,
You're my moving sea.

Capture me in a cage
Feed me worms and bugs and clay
The earth will root itself in me
growing life in me deep

I call you baby I call you sugar
Never have I had a lover
Who treats me like the sun
In you I've come undone

Dissolve in the milk black void, nirvana infinity
Rooting skin in darkest soil
Feel the earths vibrations move through me

I call you baby I call you sugar, never have I had a lover...
Oh Sugar